Bryan Markovitz

Concert Performances

I have collaborated with a number of composers and musicians to produce visual, performative, and environmental elements for sound concerts and musical performances.


The Swan Catchers

At the Chocolate Factory, April 24-26, 2008.

This was a collaborative performance project that I began in the fall of 2007 with Composer Aaron Siegel. He invited me to direct the live and visual components that would accompany the musical score and libretto. The performances evolved over three nights and took place at The Chocolate Factory in Long Island City. 

Collaborators included Siegel, the FLUX Quartet, Ryan Dohoney, Kate Soper, Emcee CM, Jeff Gray and Huong Ngo.

Lesser Habits and Petty Wares

A concert performance at Links Hall, Chicago. April 7, 2007 and the SAIC performance space, May 2007. 

This performance was an extension of my MFA thesis. It was a concert performance expanded from an event that we did at Links Hall. The performers included Ryan Dohoney, Mabel Kwan, Nick Anaya, Hannah McKeown and Kara Kane.

Minimal at Liminal

A concert of American minimal music, performed at Liminal Space, February 2003. 

Minimal at Liminal was the first in a variety of performances by Liminal that surveyed the ensemble’s roots in avant-garde music, art and theater. This performance was directed and conducted by John Berendzen. I participated in the performance and in the design of the show.

For this particular production, American Minimal Music primarily referred to the compositions of La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass, who all began to focus in the early 1960s on the audible transformation of small musical phrases through repetition and the execution of processes determined by the composer.

Scenes from Liminal's 2003 concert of American Minimal Music performed in Portland, Oregon. Clips include Terry Riley's In C and Steve Reich's Pendulum Music.

FluxConcert PDX

A concert of old and new Flux, presented at Liminal Space, March 2003. 

Liminal organized Fluxconcert PDX, the first Fluxus event of its kind in Portland, Oregon. The evening consisted of several short performances executed by Portland artists from classic Fluxus scores and several entirely new Fluxus scores conceived for the event.