Visual Art

This is a selection of paintings and drawings that I created for posters, book covers, and as a way to visualize performances and installations. Most are made with graphite, charcoal, gouache, and oil. A few are silverpoint (for the lovers of obscure technique).


Remaking The Making of Americans

Exhibited at Liminal Space, Portland, Oregon, 2012.

This is an installation of ink drawings and image projections that Ben Purdy and I created at Liminal Presents Gertrude Stein. We used projection mapping and a generative computer program to progressively fill the drawings with portraits of people over time. Our project was a visual response to Gertrude Stein's novel, The Making of Americans, and her attempt to write a history of every American. Here's what we said about it in the program:


"In the living we are doing there are things that make us and things we make, something like bubbles. And the space between holds the possibility of unexpectedly anything. So making this has been a tracing of unending families of foam and residue. And it is something like the making of the Making of Americans."


Willamette Week, March 21, 2012