Peripheral Art Fair for Artstar

At the Scope Art Fair, Miami Beach December 7-10, 2007. 

This was a project that I made while on the television series Artstar. For our final project, a group show during ArtBasel Miami, I created a “fake" art fair on the periphery of the “real” one and encouraged a group of local kids to take back their neighborhood from the commercial art world. I printed the performance as a conceptual score left in the Artstar booth, while we went outside to make our art fair with the kids. 

We used a nearby basketball court behind the Art Fair tents, and started the project with some basic materials (chalk) to re-define the b-ball courts as numerous galleries filled with art and words. Pretty soon, a dozen or so kids started helping; first by re-copying whatever I wrote, and then eventually by creating their own art.