Bryan Markovitz

Welcome to the portfolio of Bryan Markovitz. I am an artist and academic studying the aesthetics of experimental reproduction in art, science, and cultural heritage.

As a PhD candidate at Brown University, my work focuses on aesthetic issues that are relevant to the history of science, as well as epistemological issues that are relevant to the history of art.

My dissertation is titled The New Aura: Performance Aesthetics and Experimental Science in Cultural Reproduction. Through a series of case studies, I demonstrate that the preservation of art and antiquities often depends on systematized experiments involving aesthetic semblance and theatrical mimesis. These performative acts give conservators real persuasive power in remaking culture, religion, and politics.

My case studies include the restoration of Mark Rothko’s Harvard Murals, the precision-manufactured facsimiles of Egyptian tombs by Factum Arte, and the replication of Buddhist cave temples from Dunhuang, China at the Getty Center and Conservation Institute.

I recently completed an MA in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology through Brown's Open Graduate Education Program. I also hold an MA in Performance Studies from Brown, an MFA in Studio Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BA in Theatre from Trinity University. I have a professional background in museum design, theatre direction, and the production of technology-driven art installations.

Prior to returning to academia, I worked at ESI Design in New York City. In 1997, I co-founded Liminal, a Portland, Oregon based performance and media ensemble. As Liminal's artistic director, I received three Portland Drama Critics Circle Awards for best direction and design of Liminal projects.